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Submit new items to the new folder please.
Added a couple of new rules to the group. If you have a issue please politely bring it up with me here or in a note.
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Ship Roster

Current Ship Inventory

Main FARF Units:
USS Phoenix NCC-22000-D (Century)
USS Polaris NCC-91782 (Nehelania)
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F (Century)
USS Black Prince NCC-81962 (Dawnstar)
USS Hyperion NCC-601301 (Intimidator)
USS Goliath NCC-81997 (Achilles)
USS Broadside NCC-75790 (Defiant)
USS Striker NCC-76284 (Defiant)
USS Agamemnon NCC-73764 (Akira)
USS Omega NCC-81947-A (Descent)
USS Armageddon NCC-79734 (Galaxy-X)
USS Yamato NCC-81945 (Intimidator)
USS Osiris NCC-74907-A (Intrepid-Refit)
USS Guardian NCC-78701 (Prometheus)
USS Endeavour NX-82543 (Dauntless)
USS Harbinger NCC-71853-A (Sovereign)
USS Wyvern NCC-78521 (Sovereign)
USS Ronald Reagan NCC-76076 (Sovereign)
USS Langley NCC-81257 (Luna)
USS Vercingetorix NCC-85809 (Descent)
USS Oden NCC-98764 (Valhalla)
USS Dark Steel NCC-96241 (Intrepid)
USS Equinox NX-79200 (Equinox)
USS Scorpion NX-90061 (Excalibur)
USS Shanghai NCC-63667 (Steamrunner)
USS Orion NCC-71286 (Nebula)
USS Crimson NCC-98921 (Achilles)
USS Valkyrie NCC-100010 (Achilles)
USS Utah NCC-100008 (Centaur)
USS Reaper NCC-100340 (Zodiac)
USS Aimee NCC-74262 (Excelsior)
USS Memento Mori NCC-96455 (Noir)
USS Runner NCC-7470-A (Ingram)
USS Thunderchief NCC-89376 (Century)
USS Escort NCC-74200-A (Executor)
USS Midway NCC-22102 (Ambassador)
USS Wellington NCC-12976 (Ambassador)
USS Relentless NX-103013 (Relentless)
USS Inferno NCC-635241 (Akira)
USS Venator NCC-635216 (Akira)
USS Pegasus NCC-61024 (Intimidator)
USS Legacy NCC-93000 (Legacy)
USS Pathfinder NCC-77000 (Pathfinder)
USS Archer NCC-989101 (Century)
USS Xander NCC-982141 (Phalanx)
USS Kraken NCC-981523 (Phalanx)
USS Yellowstone NCC-1001021 (Luna)
USS Explorer NCC-261471 (Intrepid)
USS Obsidian NCC0-010 (Stealth Century)
USS Antares NX-86621

Project "Dragon":
USS Dragon NX-100000 (Cerberus)
USS Shadow NX-100001 (???)
USS Obsidian NX-100002 (???)
USS Hunter NX-100003 (???)

FARF Sentry Unit:
USS Hurvelent NCC-72389 (Nova)
USS Mandaluyong NCC-72396 (Nova)
USS Viggen NCC-72460 (Nova)
USS Johnston NCC-74508 (Nova)
USS Talon NCC-81209 (Nova)
USS Gripen NCC-79342 (Nova)

Foreign Attachments:
RDS Raptor (Valdore)
IKS Orin (Negh'var)
CDS Torean (Galor)

Historic Units:
USS Phoenix NCC-09 (NX)
USS Polaris NCC-2782 (Pallada)
USS Phoenix NCC-2063 (Constitution Refit)
USS Phoenix NCC-2063-A (Ambassador)
USS Tyr NCC-2010 (Excelsior)
USS Razak NCC-1953 (Soyuz)
USS Razor NCC-1991 (Federation Refit)
USS Hagen NCC-1724 (Miranda)
USS Tempest NCC-1885 (Miranda)
USS Tribble NCC-2222 (Excelsior)
USS Corleone NCC-1975 (Constitution Refit)
USS Umigo NCC-3031 (Constellation)
USS Guardian NX-11 (Archer)
USS Obsidian NX-12 (Archer-X)
USS Venture N/A (Daedalus)
USS Memento Mori NV-23 (Intrepid)

Starbase 675
Unity Two
Starbase Valhalla
Starbase Iridian
Obsidian Complex

Tesla Shipyard
Unity Yards
Atlas Station
Obsidian Yards

Crossover Units:
UDI Starlight URSY-167 (Starlight)
UDI Harbinger URSY-666 (Starlight)
UDI Memento Mori URSY-736 (Saturn)
IMP Crimson Blade (Executor)
CBE Blade (Behemoth)

[More to appear]
Each member can contribute up to several ships to represent themselves within FARF. So feel free to pick a ship name, registry, and ship class. Registries must not exceed the 110000 mark and make sure that there are no duplicates in naming.

If your desired vessel is from any of the pre-TNG Eras (TOS or TMP), it must be specified to the Historic Units.

If your desired vessel is a non-Star Trek ship, it must be evaluated first and requires special permission. Please post a story pitch showing it involved in the current storyline.

Ask any of the Founders or Contributors for more assistance and info.

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Group Info

Submission Rules

1. No Slash/Crack or Shipping period. Canon Relationships are excluded.
2. No hate art
3. PG-13 only people no massive gore, no nudity
4. No 'fandom' submissions including shippings and most chibi drawings.
5. Jokes and Satires of Series events are allowed as long as they are not too wacky
6. Crossovers such as Trek vs Star Wars/BSG/Halo ect any Sci-fi franchise is allowed but anything involving Disney or other companies is not.
7. 'Furry' art is allowed if its detailed and fits within the overall rules.

This group prides itself on taking a serious approach to the Fandom of Star Trek. While we will crack a joke along with the best of them we prefer to maintain a seriousness in our submissions to this groups. If you have joke pics, non-serious images, there are several groups to cater to your needs. This excludes references to "Soft-Canon" and "Unattained Canon" situations.

Thank You, and Have Fun
The Admins of SFC.

-- -- --

This is a Star Trek club set in an alternate timeline, where the Narada was destroyed before it went back in time, thus avoiding the creation of STXI's Alternate Reality. The current in-universe year is 2420.

In this setting, Romulus has also been destroyed by the Hobus Nova and the federation has taken a more aggressive stance on keeping the peace throughout the quadrant. Several of the fleets, which include the recently formed Fast Attack Response Force (FARF) and the tried and tested Federation First Fleet, are tasked with protecting and securing Federation Interests.

Furthermore, the group also supports fans of all Star Trek eras. Whether you like TOS or TNG, we welcome all of you.
Founded 4 Years ago
Dec 11, 2009


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Star Trek

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